Amazon Happilo Quiz Answers Win 5000

Amazon Happilo Quiz Answers Win 5000


Amazon Happilo Quiz Answers Win 5000

Amazon Happilo Quiz

 Answers & Questions



Q1: The Happilo Dry Fruit product range is a Super food with natural ____ protein. Fill in the blanks


Answer: (B) Plant



Q2: Which of these is a tagline associated with the Happilo Dry Fruit product range?

Answer: (C) Super Food for Super You


Q3: A tagline associated with the Diwali gifting product range from Happilo is ‘Yeh Diwali _______ Wali’. Fill in the blanks

Answer:(C)  Happilo


Q4: The premium Diwali gifting range from Happilo starts from what price?

Answer: (A) INR 225


Q5: Which of these are features of the Happilo Dry Fruit product range?

Answer: (D) All of these


Amazon Happilo Quiz Answers Today Win 5000

1.    Answer: (B) Plant

2.    Answer: (C) Super Food for Super You

3.    Answer: (C) Happilo

4.    Answer: (A) INR 225

5.    Answer: (D) All of these


How to play the Amazon quiz

Step1: first install the Amazon shopping app from the google play store because this offer is only available in the amazon shopping app. 

Step 2: Then open the Amazon shopping app and Sign-in into your Amazon Account with a valid email id and password (Create an account if you do not have an existing Amazon account)

Step 3: How to play Amazon daily quiz go to Amazon app home page and scroll down> then click on offer section > then click on Amazon fun zone under that selection a quiz context. 

 Step 4: Then click on the Amazon Quiz Banner & start the quiz by tapping the ‘Start Button. 

Step 5: Then you have to answer the five questions correctly in the Daily Amazon Quiz in order to be eligible to win exciting prizes. 

Step 6: After submitting all of the Quiz questions correctly, you will then be eligible for the Amazon Quiz winners’ lucky draw. 

 Step 7: After that, the person’s name should go to the lucky draw for selecting winners. 

 Step 8: If your name is on the winner you will receive that existing reward. 

 Step 9: Suppose if you win the Amazon pay balance, Amazon will credit that balance to your Amazon pay account. 

 Step 10: Suppose if you win a product, smartphone then Amazon will deliver that existing product or smartphone to your delivered address.





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