Jio Quiz Answers Today [2022]: Win 20 GB Free Data Daily

Jio Quiz Answers Today [2022]: Win 20 GB Free Data Daily  

Jio Quiz Answers Today [2022]: Win 20 GB Free Data Daily


1. Jio Funzone Quiz Answers Today

Q1. Which company manufacturers the Mustang series of cars?



Ans: Ford



Q2. Which of these automobile companies is based in Japan?


Ans: Nissan


Q3. Hyundai is a car company founded in which country?


Ans: South Korea


Q4. Which of these car companies is not from Germany?


Ans: Tata


Q5. What does 4wd stand for?


Ans: 4 wheel drive


Q6. How many rings are there in the Audi logo?


Ans: 4


Q7. What is the Slogan for Honda?


Ans: The power of dreams


Q8. Ford is a automobile manufaturers from which country?


Ans: USA

Q9. Which is your favorite type of car?

Ans: Sports car


2. Jio Spin2Win Answers 

Q1. Which is the 5th number after 10?

Ans: 15


3. Jio Desserts Corner Quiz Answers

Q1. What is the star ingredient in the above recipe?

Ans: Hot chocolate powder

Q2. How many cups of Cadbury Dairy Milk goes in making this recipe?

Ans: 1/2 cup

Q3. Name the above creation?

Ans: Hot chocolate bomb

Q4. Total How much time does it take to prepare the above recipe?

Ans: Up to 30 minutes


4. Jio Indian Super League Answer

Q1. The sentence that best describes you as a player?

Ans: I can score when I want, as many times as I want.

Q2. When you are facing a tough opponent, your first instinct on the pitch is to?

Ans: Apply pressure on your opposition players from the first whistle.

Q3. Your team is winning by two goals and the coach subs you in at the 80th minute, what do you do?

Ans: Try get on to the score-sheet and extend the lead.

Q4. The opponent dribbles past you easily?

Ans: Score and make an actual difference.

Q5. Your team is attacking, it’s 3v3 what do you do?

Ans: Try to run past the defensive line and score.


5. Jio TVS Sports Quiz Answers 

Q1. TVS Sport Deta Hai __ more Mileage?

Ans: 15%

Q2. TVS Sport Kis technology Ko use karat Hai?

Ans: ETFi

Q3. TVS Sport ka Tagline Kya Hai?

Ans: Mileage La Baap

Q4. Sport Ke Fuel tank par Konsa Logo Hai?

Ans: TVS Premium 3D Logo


Q5. TVS Sport ka Nam __ Aur Asia Book of records Mein Darj Hai?

Ans: India Book of Records

Note: Use this TVS Sports Pin code: 302001 (If Required)


 How to Play My Jio App quiz

1. Go to Google Play Store and download the “My Jio app.

2. Open the app and log in with your existing Jio number to get the verification code.

3. Then go to the play and win the section and choose whose quiz you want to and click on it.

4. Next, play the quiz and answer all the correct answers and win vouchers and data balance from Reliance Jio.

5. After that, you will get a surprise gift from Jio.


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